Saturday, June 7, 2008

Up and Running

I finally moved to blogsot. Yeah! I have coveted Stacey's blog for a year, now, and though I tried to do a blog on edublogs, it just didn't work. Plus with my new MacBook, I hope to have a lot more freedom to post. On the front porch, in bed, at Starbuck's.

Be patient (that's for Stacey), I'll get it up and running soon, with photos and all. Speaking of which, here is a photo of the latest art project. I like the idea of integrating altered art with my genealogy, so I gave it a go.

This is a photo of my great-great grandmother, Rosa Coburn-Evans. The original of the photo is in a large beveled frame with some cousins who live in southern Missouri. My mother recalls this photo hanging on her grandparents' bedroom wall. She remembers staring at it as she'd fall asleep on her summer visits to her grandparents'. Rosa died when my great-grandfather was about 3, and then her parents left to homestead in Oregon. This was just one of a few reminders of his toddler years and was very special. I printed this photo on silk photo paper, found a silk remnant to sew it to, and then attached that to some striped cotton twill. The embellishments are simple trim (bought at Hobby Lobby) a crocheted circle, purchased on one of my trips with Stacey to a Thrift Store that has goods left behind by people who have passed away at a local upscale senior living community. Of course, the frame is a "cheapy" from Michaels that I painted to look "barn-like".

This is my mom's belated Mother's Day gift. I'm hoping she can hang it on her wall and remember the times she visited her grandparents' and fell asleep making up stories of Rosa as she hung from the wall of the old house, staring back from her ovaled frame at the great grandchildren she never got to meet.

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Stacey said...

You're up! Hooray...and I've personally seen this piece of art, might I add it's fantastic. Filled with so much texture, I like that!

I miss you already, I'm sooo glad you came down to visit me Friday. Whatever I did to have a friend as special as you, it must have been good. ((((hugs)))) ~Stacey

PS--lemme know when you're ready to pimp the blog. I can do that!