Sunday, June 8, 2008

All the Changes

So let's think about this. "They" (using the plural pronoun here to identify the nameless multitude of researchers who've spent millions researching stress-related addictions, death, illnesses) say that some of the most stressful events in life are: marriage, divorce, moving homes, changing jobs, children leaving for college. So, I'm experiencing all of these at once. In the last year, Jake left for MU (now is home, but that's a different kind of stress!), I've gotten engaged and set a wedding date, put my house on the market in hopes of selling and buying a new one for my new family, accepted a new job at Benton High School, and learned that my parents are getting a divorce.

. I wondered the other day why I was feeling a bit stressed out. However, in reality, all is well. I'm happy. This all came to the forefront of my mind as I was downloading the photos from the last day of school. Below is a photo of me and one of my kids--Yes, I blanked her face out. In the background you can see the empty book shelves indicative my move from one spot to the next. This student is going to Benton, and she and I made a pact that I'd keep her on track her freshman year--even though I'll only have seniors, but that's what I do--worry about "my kids" even when they aren't "mine" anymore. The t-shirt reminded me that I was "representing" for Jake and MU.

Changes, changes, changes. So many at one time. Despite the fact that I'm happy, for the most part, about all of these, and would choose them over again, it's stressful, and I'm a bit worried about my ability to keep it together. Poor Eric will likely see me crying a lot in the fall.

Can you tell that we don't have air conditioning in our classrooms? Droopy bangs, slight glow of sweat on the brow. Quite lovely, don't you think?

So, I must do what I do best. Create something new out of all this. Today, Sunday, June 8, must be a day of rejuvination, healing, de-stressing, etc. Off I go to do just that.


Karin said...

Hi Kelly! WoW!! that's a lot of stuff on your plate!! And I thought was stressed because I have to pack for my trip on Wednesday.... :) Thanks so much for stopping by....Karin@creativechaos

Funky Art Queen said...

oh, it was nice to hear from you too. You do have so much going on. I think being cognitive of the idea that all of these things are on the list of the top stressors is a good sign. Knowing this, you can incorporate stress mgt in your life before it gets ya. My stress mgt is "Me time" it may not be for long but it is just me and me doing what I love...Art or shopping for art supplies. Take care.

Stacey said...

You're a hottie even when you're..well, hot! hee!

I adore the caring teacher in you. It reaches far beyond your job, I know, and I'm so very very very fortunate to know you. I won't say that again for at least a month, so enjoy it. xoxoxo