Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Okay, the bottom is back. I'm better. Busy, but better. The business centers around getting my classroom ready. Moving from one building to the next is tedious! Plus, changing classes, curricula, buildings, rules, expectations is just cause for a lot of extra work! We (Eric and I) took all three kids to Worlds of Fun Monday. Yes, we braved the horrid heat---although most did not, which meant no lines for us! There were so few people that a few times, we were able to stay on the roller coasters rather than get off and stand in line again so that we could ride again! I've only seen it like this on special invitation days when the park is closed to the public. It was, indeed, hot, but since there was very little waiting, we didn't notice the heat so much--the speed of the roller coasters and other rides cause great breezes.

So, no art has been done in this week. No worries. I'm planning something for the weekend--if all goes well the next few days and I get all this work finished!