Sunday, November 30, 2008

A blog assignment

My friend and co-worker Sean posted an assignment to our schools' collab blog. It is most fitting for today. On a cold and snowy day, where else would you find me but inside writing. Well, today, I'm trying to write. Having moved from my own house, I'm finding it really hard to find a space in the place I am today.

So where did I write before? Well, my favorite spot was on the front porch. Summer was about flowers, the front porch and writing and reading. On rainy days, the kitchen table was the next spot, but there was always a vase full of flowers near by to remind me the sun would be out soon enough.

In the winter, it was at my kitchen table, again, but I'd usually find myself using the table as a starting point, a catch-all for the stuff that I dragged to the front room, where the fireplace would be lit, or a squishy warm blanket was kept.

Today, I want my house back. That's sad, isn't it?


Mberenis said...

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nashworld said...

Hey Miss Kelly... thanks for doing this... and for adding the images. They always say a ton.

I am all about that porch as well. Looks relaxing.

Post a link to here in the comments section of the blog post @nashworld.

Thanks for playing along!


Suzan Buckner said...

HEY!! Thanks for visiting!! I got the book and DVD of the SECRET--and have read a couple of chapters, I need to read further.LOL...HUGS and I hope you have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!

Stacey said...

Hey you. I would love to see you...I'll call next week and see what your life looks like, we'll work it out. You'd better answer else I'll just drive up with donuts anyway. Love you...miss you...cannot wait to see you soon! :)