Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sqeeze out some time

I've not created anything this week. I've spent all of my time working on things for school, which starts August 25, which sounds like a long time from now, but time flies and I'm such a process person, so it takes forever to set up my room, sit in each seat of the room to ensure the kids will all have a "good" spot, and start the lesson plans, etc. I make the process tedious, I've been told, but I LOVE my job and I want the kids to feel like they are with a teacher who has really taken the time to make them feel comfortable.

So, last night, I decided to tote along my colored pencils when we went to the races. I'm not much of a car race kind of gal, but Eric loves them, and I love him, so I went along. He didn't mind that I was drawing, so I was able to draw a new head--not much of a creation, but considering I was doing in between cars lining up and waiting for the green light, and watching their tail lights glide away down the 1/8th mile track, I'm happy with it. Plus, I think she'll fit great into some new projects.

Today, I squeezed in some time before the grocery store to complete a journal page. I'll let it speak for itself. I've held on to these images for a while. The little girl with the tutu was actually the start to an altered trading card, but I couldn't give her away, so I thought she'd come in handy. I love this little girl--I suppose in the same way I love the little girl in me who lived in 1972 then was changed forever.

I've decided the little journal I have right now isn't going to cut it when school starts. I need something larger, and I'm thinking of either making my own (I have all the products to do it!) or buying a Moleskin, which I've seen a lot of people doing great things with. I'm not sure.


Stacey said...

you sit at each seat?! You're so Kelly!

Alex is healing, still quite a road ahead but healing, thank goodness. We are so fortunate it wasn't worse than it was, which was bad enough! And yes, my friend, we will reschedule asap. Call when you can. xo

seth said...

I am moved by the journal page and the accompanying words on your blog post. Thank you too for you wonderful comment on my blog!